Monday, January 7, 2008

The new widget

As of today, on the left side of this blog, there’s a new widget. A so called « Clustr map », which tells you (and the writer herself) who has visited this blog (from where on the globe, how many people, when,..)
Why have I waited more than 4 months to install this ? Well, let’s admit it : because I haven’t got the faintest idea if this blog is being read by more than a soul or two. And it would just be down right embarrassing to see my suspicions confirmed (because we all want to be popular, right ?).
So after a lot of convincing from P’s side yesterday, I just took the plunge and installed it. I’ve been watching it like every hour since. And finally, this morning…tadaaaa : 4 people have visited my blog in the past 12 hours ! In Belgium, France (I confess: that must be me), and in Singapore.
Now just hope that the red dots will grow in both size and number !

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