Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still ill !!!!

P : Why haven't you written anything on your blog lately?
Me : What do I have to write about?! I'm still ill*!
P : Well, just write "still ill exclamation point exclamation point"!

So there, mission accomplished :-)

* I finally went to see a doctor today, after getting worse and worse over the past five days, and after depriving P (and myself) of several sleeping hours. The doctor diagnosed me with every possible infection of every possible part of my head (ears - very very painful - , throat, sinuses, bronchitis). I fainted in the doctor's office, and I fainted in the middle of a crowded pharmacy. And after today, I will never say again "the French are rude". Everybody was so nice to me and so extremely helpful - and when you're in a foreign country, on your own, that's just what makes all the difference between being ill and feeling ill - or being ill, but feeling ok.

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