Monday, January 7, 2008

My first boars!

Tonight, while driving from the INSEAD campus to Barbizon, I spotted my first wild boars ! Four in one go ! There was one big boar, and three smaller ones. They just stood idly on the side of the road, looking actually kind of cute. And not one bit afraid of our approaching car.

The Fontainebleau Forest-wildlife is actually quite an item on INSEAD’s safe-driving campaign. Many car accidents have happened in the past, involving either deer or boar !!...At least, that’s what everybody entering INSEAD is being told. And so the Fonty-boar almost gets legendary proportions. It enters good-bye lines at parties (« Watch out for the boars ! »), and during your first weeks here you almost expect to see them every time you’re nearing the forest. But it doesn’t happen. And then you forget all about them. You think that, indeed, the « Fonty-boar » standing in the middle of the road is just a wild story. You happily speed along the pitch dark forest roads.

Well, not after what happened tonight, we don’t !
They’re true, they’re alive, and they’re here !!

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