Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back in Barbizon

Day number four after my return to wild-boar country, and I have to admit I've been having a good time (can’t complain in every single posting now, can I ?).
A little overview of this week ; kind of superficial, but I think I did enough intro-and outro- spection the past few weeks…

- Tuesday : was full of teaching, and massage-class of course. I was glad to have a very busy day ; it proved to be the best remedy against home sickness.
- Wednesday : I spent a great day with K and C, two of the other partners. We went on a wonderful walk through the forest, went to Barbizon for an early aperitif afterwards, and ended the day in (where else ?) the INSEAD bar, waiting for our significant others. In the evening there was the Chinese dinner, and the food was absolutely delicious.
- Today, Thursday : again a lot of teaching and….Valentine’s day ! P kept his promise, and cooked for me this evening. A really nice lasagna, prepared with so much love you could almost taste it :-)
- Tomorrow : I’m planning to take up my self-study in French again, and in the evening there’s the Chinese Party
- Saturday : We’re going to Paris. No more excuses, no studying, no washing, cleaning or grocery shopping. No swimming or hair cutting either. We’re going, period.
- Sunday : P can dive back into his books, go swimming or whatever. I’ll have to prepare my lessons for next week. In the evening dinner with another INSEAD-couple.

So all in all, I think I succeeded in taking a new, fresh start here in France !

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