Monday, February 25, 2008

Garfield, the movie

I think the beginning P4-virus is contagious, and has already found me. Even if I’m not doing an MBA. And even if I could go quietly back to my old job.
I belong to that group of people, who, at this point, really haven’t got a clue anymore. And not only in the job-department. My life seems robbed of securities and certainties. Go back or not go back, same career path or not, change (uh-oh, the C-word…RUN !) or not, career or family, when family, what family, how family ?! God, there’s just too much in my head these last few days. There’s actually so much in my head, that, in a desperate attempt to empty it, and to silence all inner arguing voices, I’ve bought « Garfield, the movie ». Yep, it’s that bad.

I guess that’s just one of the things INSEAD does to you : « we put you together with a few hundred people of different background and nationality in the middle of the French woods. You leave everything of your current life behind, and you don’t know what will come next. We make sure your partners are only rarely available to you, even if you are here because of them. We supply you with more than enough bottles of wine, or any other alcoholic beverage you might want. Your primary means of communication are Facebook, Skype and the Yahoo-mail group. Every drunk action you undertake will be reported with visual evidence on the net. » I mean : it’s not a complete surprise that some of us are going gaga, right ? It even sounds almost too cruel for the next reality tv show.

So when you find yourself out of the Bubble for a few days, you realise you’re quite messed-up (and sobered up). Reality is still out there ! And we’ll have to go back to it, permanently, in like...4 months !
And by that time, I’ll have to know : what I want, want I don’t want…..In five words : what would make me happy. For now : long term - haven’t got a clue. Short term - watch the second part of « Garfield, the movie ». I hate Mondays ;-)

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