Sunday, February 10, 2008


I’ve been home for three full days now. Still today to go, and a bit of tomorrow. And it’s been absolutely wonderful to:
- Read the news in a real newspaper instead of on a laptop screen
- Sleep in the best bed in the world (your own)
- Eat my favourite brand of cereals in the morning
- Hang on the phone for more than five minutes without thinking about the costs
- Have my family and friends within a 40 km – range
- Watch TV!!!!
- Go to all my favourite shops, including the Delhaize supermarket (only Belgians will understand this one)
- See my cats in real life (and not through the webcam) – although they seem confused now, and I guess they’re thinking I somehow popped out of my mom’s laptop…
- Just wander through the streets of my neighbourhood, feeling very strongly that this is “home”
And all of this while we’re being spoiled by a very early spring, with clear blue skies, and temperatures climbing up to 17-18 °C.
Honestly, the one and only reason why I’m taking the train back to France on Monday is P (and Phoebe the hamster of course)


Le blog hog said...

Hey N

I just found your blog..well done! You are certainly doing a better job at posting than most of us.

You and P should have joined us in Singapore, you would have loved it!

Sof & Nico said...

Hey N!

Seems Fonty is not the experience of your dream... Since you are not going to La Sorbonne, why don't you come both to Singapore in P4 or P5?! Life is great here :-)
We think a lot about you 2, and it's too sad we cannot be on same campuses while being at Insead at the same time!

See hi to P from both of us!