Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first French CD

Yesterday I bought “Mon Paradis” from Christophe Maé. Maybe you don’t know him - neither do I (for the curious ones : I just heard one of his songs every time I turned on a French radio station and each time I walked into a French shop. And catchy tunes they were, ‘cause I found myself humming them morning, midday and evening. So I googled “On s’attache”, found out it was sung by Mr. Maé, and went out and bought his album “Mon Paradis”: I’ve listened to it a couple of times by now –it’s a fresh and funky sound, with a nice rhythm and a lot of emotion.

So there it is: my first French CD, or how the French culture is slowly starting to invade my life. After the wine, the baguettes, the cheese and the music…what will be next? I hope for 12 weeks paid holiday per year ;-) …

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