Monday, February 4, 2008

Back on the teaching track

Teaching seems to be one of the red lines running through my life.
When I was finished with high school, and I really didn’t have a clue what to do with my life, I choose to do a bachelor in teaching English, History and Geography. What followed were three intensive years of internships in different high schools, and I really enjoyed it. But then I said goodbye to teaching, and hello to four more years of studying to obtain a master in Modern History. Graduation was sadly the day after 9/11....With a frozen job market, it was once again teaching that saved me. I started working at Berlitz, as a language teacher. After one year, I decided the time had finally come to explore what was outside the school walls. I ended up in Human Resources, in which I have climbed the ladder the five past years, and in which I also obtained a master through evening classes.
And so the Teacher became the Consultant (is there a difference ?).

Now that I’m on a break from the rat race, enjoying a 7-month leave of absence, guess what I’m doing here in Fonty ? Right, teaching (English to some of the other partners) Once again, it proves to be the life-saver I needed. It gives me a purpose, a goal, joy, fulfillment…. and some very welcome pocket money :-)
So INSEAD is really "back to school" for everybody. For some as students (be a good boy P), for others as teachers (get started on correcting those essays N).

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