Saturday, February 16, 2008

INSEAD from A to Z

Inspired by a few other INSEAD bloggers who have mentioned the occasional « INSEAD-word », I think it’s time for an overview of some intensively-used terminology on campus. I’m sure I’ve just mentioned the tip of the iceberg, so please feel free to complete !

Alliance : the cooperation with Wharton B-school
Amphy – storming : invasion of an amphy by one particular nationality, to announce the start of another « national week »
Bar area : comparable to the playground, i.e. where everybody gathers in between classes to gossip & to eat and drink unhealthy stuff
Break : the few days of holiday everybody is granted in between periods
Bubble : as in « the INSEAD-bubble », meaning your world begins and ends at the campus entrance
Camembert : the reception (but outside the bubble it’s just a French cheese)
Case : after finishing the MBA, this word will definitely cause all kinds of allergies and unwanted reactions
Class : all the MBA students that started the program on the same date as you, and with whom you’ll hopefully graduate
Cubicle : your natural habitat during your 10-month stay at INSEAD
Fonty : the internationally pronounceable version of Fontainebleau
Foot Note : the book store on campus
Group : your micro-society in which you will live 90% of P1 and P2
Group member : one who becomes friend or enemy (if you haven’t killed him/her before)
National week : just another excuse to eat, drink and party
P1,2,3,4,5 : the 5 periods in which the 10-month program is divided (days, weeks & months are of lesser importance)
Participant : basically just an MBA-student
Partner : boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, spouse, significant other,…you get the idea
Restaurant : the cafeteria on campus
Section (E1, E2, E4, E4) : during P1 and P2, each class is split up into different sections of aprox. 70 students, with whom you’ll follow all the core courses
Z-curve : INSEAD’s grading system. Please don’t make me explain it.


Blah said...

No wonder you don't wanna explain the Z-curve grading system, I tend to think the sole purpose of the stats class in P1 is to help participants understand the concept !

Other than that a very good job ! The only thing missing is the infinite number of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) used to shorten the classes lengthy names: UDJ, CFP, P&M, POM, MDS, FMV, MGE, IPA, ACF, MAACS and alike ...

DTLF said...

Great post! How's the re-integration in to life in France coming along, and what's the secret?

N said...

To DTLF :the secret is the new INSEAD-gym ;-). More on that one later!

DTLF said...

Oh, do tell! I've been meaning to take a peek at what they've done, but can't seem to find the time to breathe, let alone wander down that long hallway and up three flights of stairs. Does it actually look better? Did they add anything new? Is it still horribly overpriced?!

Maybe we'll run in to each other next period on the Stairmasters :p