Friday, March 14, 2008

Accurate acronyms

I was already labeled as an HSP, and as of today I’m also officially known as an INFJ!
That’s right, thanks to INSEAD and the organized MBTI workshop of this morning, all the partners are now aware of their personality type. So I am Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. In a few understandable words : I need time on my own now and then, I focus on the future, on patterns and possibilities, I base my decisions primarily on my values, principles and on subjective evaluations, and I very much like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled. I couldn’t agree more.

Some scores were a bit unsettling though. Like my very extreme results on both Introversion and Judging. If I am really thàt introverted (and deep down I know I am), than I can only be proud of all the efforts I have made the past few months to socialize and get to know people. Granted, the first week I just wanted to hide under the bed. And there are days I prefer to be on my own, or to sit in the library or a cubicle to read. But all in all : thanks to some very extraverted people I got to know, I’ve done pretty well ;-) .
The Judging thing is something else. Yes, I’m a control freak. A big one. And whereas I can force myself to be more extraverted if I have to, I cannot, by no means, say "we’ll see what happens" and feel comfortable with it.
I try though. For our last city trip to Berlin, I did NOT read the entire guide before leaving, nor did I make a to-do-and-must-see list for each and every day. I try not to get upset each time dinner plans get changed or canceled – and a few times, I even succeeded ;-). But it’s not easy. I really wish that I could just take things as they come from time to time. That I could, for once, be the one who arrived half an hour late at the party, but smiling and not caring, instead of being the one sitting there ten minutes too early, all stressed ‘cause I rushed to get there on time. That my mind could be as flexible as my body (can I show off here, and tell that I can place my hands flat on the floor, bending down with straight legs, or is that totally beside the subject ?)

Anyway, if one of these days, you see me walking up and down the streets of Fonty all by myself, it’s not because I’m an introvert who wants to be alone. Nor is it because I’ve planned in my schedule to walk 5 km each day between 19.00 and 20.00 pm. It’s because I’m going to a dinner party, but I’m actually right on time or (probably) too early again, and I’m forcing myself to go in just a bit later :-) .


DTLF said...

I'm a strong I as well. Go figure.

Were you on time to Villecerf tonight? Hope you had a good time.

Time to blast some punk rock, pour one straight up, and write!

N said...

We were the first ones to arrive ;-) (really!)