Friday, March 7, 2008

The rabbit

Driving home after a party is always a bit like a midnight safari around Fonty. Which is exciting and fun. It all becomes much less fun when one of the animals decides to jump right in front of your car, and there’s really no way of avoiding it.
And that’s exactly what happened to us last night.
Heading towards Barbizon through the woods, we saw several boars, and finally, when we were almost home, 3 cute little rabbits sitting by the side of the road. One of the rabbits jumped onto the road. A dull "thud" followed…

We decided to turn around to see if the little fellow wasn’t suffering. He was lying on the other side of the road, not injured in any way…just killed by the impact of the car. I picked him up and put him to rest in the forest.

It ruined my evening, it kept me from sleeping, and today I feel totally worn out.
That’s probably what happens when, as a child, you’ve read "Watership Down" at least ten times …
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DTLF said...


I'm sure it's in bunny heaven now, frolicking in a lush green field full of carrots.