Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The famous and much discussed Professor Fernando Bartolome is organizing sessions on “Managing the Relationship Between Professional and Private Life”, open for anybody interested (notice the lack of the “fashion words” Work-Life Balance). The first session was this morning at 8.30, the next one, for those who couldn’t get out of bed, will be on Saturday 28 March. Please go if you haven’t been yet.
I’m glad I was one of the 15 early birds. Fernando made quite an impression. I like him. He cuts through the crap and is very down to earth. A pragmatist who knows what he’s talking about. So he likes to swear and he’s into insulting jokes. So what? I can handle that. What I can handle much less, is the wagonload of confrontational issues he sent me home with. I felt slapped in the face, turned inside-out, and in emotional turmoil when leaving the amphi after three hours. Running my head of for an hour didn’t help. Two easter eggs didn’t do the trick either.
Maybe I’ll just start reading the articles he gave us.
Sleepless night, here I come again !

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DTLF said...

Now try doing that at least once a week.

Every time I walk out of his course, I feel like a piece of meat that has been tenderized with a jackhammer.