Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fed up

I don’t know if it’s this stormy weather going on, or if it’s just lack of sunshine, but I’m feeling really fed up these days. With pretty much everything. Fed up with being bored. Fed up with this whole MBA thing. Fed up with not being needed. Fed up with begging for some attention. Fed up with having to pay 1,38 Euro in the cafeteria just because I’m « family ». Fed up with the 1.40m bed in our apartment, and all the nightmares I’m having in it. Fed up with the bar area. Fed up with the free tea. Fed up with cheese and wine. Fed up with waiting, and more waiting. Fed up with the pounds I keep gaining in spite of all the hours spent in the gym. Fed up with having absolutely no money to spend. Fed up with feeling fed up. And for now, fed up with doing laundry.
Tomorrow will be a brighter day, hopefully.


DTLF said...


Could you modify/shrink/move the Visual DNA applet on your frontpage? It always ends up covering a portion of your posts.

As to tomorrow, it's not another day; it's ATK and Accenture :P

I find storms calming. Strangely enough, I actually sleep better when the wind is howling through the countless cracks in my bedroom window. As an added plus, they put all the other garbage in context, and make 'em a tad more bearable.

We learned in PIM that I can't honestly and accurately say "I know what you're feeling," but I do understand.

We're in the home stretch. Hang in there. said...


There are good days. There are had days. You're having a bad day. Cheer up! Or just watch all the suited-booted MBAs running around and amuse yourself! ;)

CC said...

Hey N,

except for the lack of sunshine and the wine and cheese ... I have days exactly like this as well here in Sgp ;-)

Take care!



Hugo said...

I can't believe you actually ended up writing about the 1,38 Euro family surcharge in the cafeteria... Well you had promise to do it...