Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They're back!

And they all have a really nice tan : I’m talking about the whole bunch of people who left Fonty in the darkest of winter days, to head off to sunny and warm Singapore. Today the most seen sight on campus were people falling into each others’ arms, hugging and kissing (I now start to understand the consequences this can have when you do the same thing, but in bikinis and swimming trunks).
Anyway, throw in all the P1’s who finished their exams today, and were robbing the bar of its final beer supplies, and you can picture the atmosphere. Around noon, the bar just looked like your regular chateau-party , including the alcohol smell and the loud music. (By the way, all this was witnessed by some 20 visiting *mildly surprised* executives of an international pharma-company….)

So P4 started with some nice warm feelings (although the « Singa’s » might beg to defer on that one :-) . Spring was definitely in the air, and campus has awoken after its calm and placid winter sleep. Forget free parking spots, forget no queue in the restaurant, don’t even think about finding a free table around 1.00 PM….. Everybody has a lot of stories to tell, and people just can’t wait to catch up…I have a feeling the next few days and weeks might get very busy on the social front !

Next to the ones who are simply "back", there are also the ones who are now "here". I have a feeling they will need some time to adjust... From what I've read and heard, the two campuses are really different.
As was being proved by a conversation I overheard in the book store :

student 1 : It's sooo big here!
student 2 : yeah, I know. And you know what's really strange? Everybody lives in like...different places!!! What's it all called..Bourron-marbotte or something, Avon,....
student 1 : Yeah, I know...Sigh....

So to all you guys, whether you're new in Fonty or just back : Welcome (back)!


DTLF said...

I was going to post on this same topic, today. I may, still. Mind if I plagiarize?

So I took a stroll through that shiny new gym today, and, true to your word, it is shiny, though there are far too many treadmills for my taste.

N said...

Go ahead :-). Good to have you back!