Monday, March 1, 2010

The book seat

Last Friday my two maids of honour organised an “after wedding shower” for me. The goal was to provide me with a survival package for my first year as Mrs B.
First, they took me to one of the coolest, newest, hippest places in Brussels (top restaurant, loungey club, great DJ, live band, cocktail bar etc all in one). Then they managed to literally burry me under a pile of gifts. A voucher for a champagne breakfast. A voucher for a fancy lunch. Another voucher for a “sweet sin” (read: chocolate). Yet another one to go to the theatre. And a final one for the spa. All valid for two persons. So I can choose: bring Mr B, or bring a friend.
That was not all. I got two trashy gossip magazines...and a gift voucher to take a subscription to another girly magazine for one year. I got chocolates. And more chocolates. I got a designy box for the kitchen. And : I got a book seat. I had never ever seen one of those things (apparently it’s an “Australian design”) – and since I’m an absolute book addict, I think this is one of the best and most original gifts I ever had! By the time the waiter came with my second cosmopolitan, I had disappeared under the foresaid pile.
We managed to close the place at three am, after American pool-lessons from at least 4 guys, and after free cocktails from Eros Ramazotti’s impresario.
Finding the car and managing to get out of the underground parking lot was the last challenge of the evening. For me at least, ‘cause my two maids still had to convince the cops that “no, they only had a glass of wine during dinner” (right...).
Anyway, the cops believed the lovely girls, somehow I didn’t have a hangover, and everybody lived happily ever after.
I’m already looking forward to my survival kit for my second year of marriage :-)!

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