Friday, March 5, 2010

What's in a name...

Mom and dad are going to Turkey next week. Their first real holiday since the whole “cancer-chapter” started 2 years ago. They’ll be staying in a very nice hotel - already tested by P and me 3 years ago.

Mom : And you know what? Every room has one of those things you want!”
Me : What mom?
Mom : Well, one of those things to do sports on TV.
Me : No way! Every room has a Wii fit???
Mom : Yes, the lady at the travel agency told us, and I read it in the brochure as well. And it’s free!
Me : Wow - that’s amazing!
Mom : But there are many hotels that have that now, you know.
Me : (slowly beginning to see what was going on) Many hotels?
Mom : Yes, I’ll show you when we get home - almost every hotel in the brochure has those things for free in every room
Me : (now fully realizing what was going on) Mom, that’s “Wifi”, the same thing you have at home: wireless internet. The computer game is a “Wii fit”.
Mom : Jeezes, Wifi - Wiifit - wewewe; I can’t follow anymore.
Me : It’s ok mom, just enjoy the sunshine :-)

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