Monday, March 15, 2010

The Brand New Bike

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present : Mrs. B's Brand New Bike. Yes, indeed, that's one item down from the wish list. Still 4 to go!
As requested, I got sponsoring - lucky me. From the belgian government, no less! A word of explanation for our foreign friends : as of this year, companies can give their employees "eco-vouchers" - a kind of extra-legal benefit. What could we buy with the eco-vouchers? (P had them, and I got those of my dad as well. So we had a total of almost 250 Eur. to spend)
- about 30 energy-saving light bulbs (boooring).
- eco-friendly cleaning products for the next 10 years (yawn).
- isolation material (for our rented apartment?!)
- plants (for our 15m² terace?)
- and...and...the only thing that made any sense : a bike!!!
So last Saturday, it was off to Decathlon to do some bike-shopping. (and bike-pimping, 'cause what's a bike without a shopping basket in front, right?)

Outside the store, on the parking lot, trying to get the bike into my small car:
P : N, this is not working.
N : It has to!! The bike fits! Push some more!!
P : N, I really think you'll have to ride it home.
N : NO WAY!!
P : ok, and...*why* have we just bought a bike?
N : Well... yes... to ride it of course. But I'm NOT going to ride my brand new bike all the way through Kuregem (read: neighbourhood in Brussels where you really don't want to ride a brand new bike).
In the end, the bike went into, and again out of, the car (with only some minor injuries to the bell).

Sunday we went for a test-drive. After 30 seconds on the road, the score was "one car with squealing brakes" for team N. After 5 minutes on the road, team P decided it was time for a coffee-break. After the coffee, both teams cycled home through the rain. Defeated? No way! Just getting ready for "the big game" : taking my bike in the morning and ride it to work during rush hour. (pray for me, please).

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