Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A dizzy afternoon

Today, I had a nice pizza for lunch. After that, I went to my favourite bar for coffee and a "mousse au chocolat". I started reading my new book ( Pope Joan), and everything was just fine. I was enjoying a very long and relaxing lunch break.
But you feel something is coming, right? Right.
Suddenly, I got as dizzy as could possibly be. Everything went black and I was about to faint. I managed to get off my bar stool, and hurried outside - hoping the fresh air would do some wonders. But it didn't. I got to a bench just in time, and I collapsed - right there. On a bench, on Place de Brouckère - a square where fainting is the last thing you want to do. I slipped in and out of consciousness, and I managed to call P - who could do nothing else but talk to me, while I was lying there in "homeless-position".
"Go back to the bar, go back to the bar" was P's advice. Only, the bar was 20 meters away, and I couldn't stand on my legs even if the king had asked me to. Finally, slowly, I came back to earth. With shaky legs I managed the 5-minute walk back to school.

Collegue : "Wow, are you tired!?"
Me: "No, but I just fainted - in the middle of Place de Brouckère."
Collegue : "No way! Here, have some chocolate."
Me: "Thanks." (I didn't mention I just had a complete chocolate mousse).

All in all, it was a scary experience: fainting when you're on your own, in a place where more than one handbag gets stolen every single day. I haven't got a clue what happened. Maybe my book was too exciting, maybe my coffee wasn't strong enough.Anyway: this one is getting ready for an early night.

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