Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Job

Yes, I’m still teaching. But lately, I’m also doing other stuff at school. Two to three times a week, I’m the one “in charge”. Meaning, the manager is gone, and I keep the school open. I answer phone calls, I do all kinds of admin stuff, I welcome new teachers and new students, I make sure there’s coffee for everyone, and I turn off the lights when classes are finished. I’m also getting paid to do the following (drum roll) : spend time on Facebook, and write (picture me with a very big smile).

Let’s get to the Facebook thing first. Just as I was planning an e-holiday (very 2010 according to trend watchers), manager T asked me to make a Facebook page for our school. Next thing you know, I spent more than three hours on damn FB figuring out how it all works. I couldn’t shake off the guilty feeling associated with being on FB during work..but hey...I had to!

Next thing: the writing! My very first “writing in a professional context” (ok, not counting the hundreds of job ads I made in a distant and dark past)! I had to write two articles about the school. I had no clue how to begin. Then I remembered how I did writing assignments in school : just start writing when the deadline becomes very visible. And that’s what I did. With very satisfying results, as I might add (sorry for the bragging). It was also the first time in a very very long while (let’s say since uni) that I wrote anything in Dutch. And I was relieved to see that I still can :-). It was translating the two texts in English that gave me headaches.

To put it shortly: I can’t complain about The Job. I mean, really: I do what I like, and on top of that I get to spend time on Facebook and I can do some real writing. On the other hand, I *can* complain about P not feeling like sushi tonight. Damn. Life was almost perfect...

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