Thursday, March 4, 2010

Books of the week

Lately, I’ve started a few books, but never finished them. Just because after the 20 or so first pages they failed to capture me, and because I thought it was a waist of time to continue reading. Surprisingly, one of these books was “Atonement” by Ian McEwan. People say it’s the best book of the last 10 years – but I thought it was written in a style mainly to please the literary critics. A good book makes me forget that it’s a book – I’m in it, I live it. Strangely crafted sentences, weird narrator-jumps, changing viewpoints, style-experiments,....:they usually don’t work for me.
So I was quite happy this week when I finally managed to find 2 books that I really like, and that I will surely finish.

Book 1
“Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante” (my live is completely fascinating) by Pénélope Bagieu. It’s a “BD” (French for comic book), and a little bit of googling learned me that...Surprise....Pénélope’s drawings became famous thanks to her blog
The little paperback already made me laugh out loud while waiting for the metro and while eating cornflakes in the morning – just to show you how funny it is. Page after page, I completely recognise myself. From the one where she begs her boyfriend to have a small kitten, to the one where she walks next to her Velib ‘cause she’s too afraid to ride it. If you’re female, and you live / lived in a big city as a twenty or thirty-someting, this book is yours. And it’s good to practise your French as well :-).

Book 2
“Pope Joan”. Yes indeed, another book about the fascinating life of a woman, written by Donna Woolfolk Cross. I’ve only started it yesterday, but oh boy : this is a page-turner! History, drama, intrigue, love,...I think it has it all. And I discovered today that the movie is coming out next week! Finally I’ll find my way back to the cinema.

Should I mention book 3?
All right, it’s “The yoga Bible “ by Christina Brown. I’m experimenting a bit with getting my body into strange postures, and the final goal is to get myself back to the gym. (don’t bother – female logic).

All right, yes, there’s a book 4.
(Which I should bring back to the library tomorrow). “Catholicism for dummies”. I have many Muslim students, who are very serious about their Ramadan. They asked me what Christians did during their Lent. And, shame on me, I could only guess “ candy??”. I wouldn’t be N if I didn’t ran to the library straight after school to find out, not only about Lent, but about every single detail you need to know as a practising Christian.
As for my Lent-project, I decided to do 2 things : spend less time on Facebook. And don't buy any new clothes. Project 1 is going ok (just checking it every 30 min. instead of every 10 min.). Project 2 is a success as well (lingerie and shoes are not clothes, right?)
Heaven, here I come!(well, only of they've got books there, of course...)

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