Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogging bad for bed

So here it is : blogging deprives me from my sleep. For a few nights now, I come home from work, open my laptop, go to my blog, and start to find my way through this brave new world. Only thing : I keep on writing when I go to my head, that is, not on my pc. It's like there's a library inside my head, just waiting to get out there on the net!
And lack of sleep is really something I can do without! (it's hard enough as it is, going back to work, missing P, getting up instead of sleeping through the morning). So here's the solution : I type this text during the day (let's asume I'm doing it on my lunch break :-), mail it to my home address, just put it on my blog in the evening, and then I CLOSE the laptop, and try to relax by reading, watching tv, etc. NOT by blogging.
I'll let you know tomorrow if this new operating procedure has worked.

In the meantime, I'm missing P more than I would ever thought I would!
Here I was, thinking I can do perfectly with him out of the country (hey, been there, done that!). However, now there's no "home coming" during the weekends. Now, there's "our place", only it's in Barbizon...our little forest town that has completely stolen my heart.
I'm going back there for three days on 5, 6 & 7 october... Or how three weeks can feel like an eternity!

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