Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Loosing the badge

I’ve lost my INSEAD-badge.

There, I’ve written down the words, and earlier I spoke them out to P, so now it’s really true, no denying it, no more hoping I will find it back. For three days now, it’s been missing. I’ve looked everywhere : in my car, in my office, in my apartment…But it has simply vanished.
P’s reaction : “It’s only a badge!”
Nope. It’s not.

I was really proud of this little peace of plastic. Proud of the “July ’08 partner” (not so much of the picture). Being back in Brussels, it was the only “visible” thing linking me to Fontainebleau. So that’s why I carried it around with me, in my bag, everywhere I went. The emotional attachment was there from the first day, and growing.

So to stop myself from feeling absolutely horrible about this, I repeat P’s words over and over again (although they’re not true)
“It’s only a badge”
“It’s just a piece of plastic”
“I can get another one” (I hope…)
Still, good old Murphy really shouldn’t have done this to me.
And I will only feel better again once I can walk around again with a blue string around my neck, with a little white piece of plastic dangling on it, saying “July ’08 partner”.

(Please tell me, my reaction to this is understandable, right? Or am I really going insane here?)