Friday, September 21, 2007

Plenty of planning

This week did not exactly go as planned.
- I was going to : meet up with friends, do some sports, enjoy having the bed all to myself, start a new book and read a lot, stay calm at work, do grocery shopping, do my own cooking & eat healthy stuff.
- Instead : I stayed alone in my apartment almost every night, I only called the gym to ask about my membership, I suffered sleepless nights, I watched tv, zapping between things I didn't even want to see, I only read a Calvin and Hobbes comic, I did not really cook once, but ate loads' of cookies, and work has stressed me out already.
So here are my plans for the weekend (only 8 hours away now!!): it will all be about pampering myself, and trying to feel good again!
This includes : shopping (and not only for groceries :-), running, bookhunting & reading, seeing other people than my colleagues at work, going to bed before midnight and trying to get some sound sleep.
And well, just try to enjoy being home again....
And try not to miss P too much.

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