Sunday, September 23, 2007

Means of transportation

A lot of bikes, skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, steps, horse carts, trams, busses, and your own two feet : those were the means of transportation in Brussels today. That’s right : no cars!
As I woke up this morning, there it was, as every last Sunday of September since I’ve been living in Brussels : the silence. No noise. Not that I notice the noise when it’s there - this humming sound of hundreds of car engines somewhere in the background. But when it’s not there, I immediately “hear” it :-)
Unfortunately, not only the noise was missing…..Usually, P and I keep this day to ourselves : spending quality time together, walking through the city that has become our home, taking live at a slow pace (let’s say about 5-6 km/hour). So this morning I felt a bit like the numerous bikes in my street – going down hill…But the sun kept stubbornly shining, so even I had to lighten up a bit!
At noon, I met with P’s mom, and we tried to have a peaceful walk. Only, traffic was more dangerous today than on rush hour Monday morning! No one was obeying any traffic rules, and when hundreds of bikes come speeding towards you when you’re trying to cross one of the big avenues of Brussels (‘cause the little man is GREEN), well than that’s just scary!
Anyhow, we managed to enjoy an overcrowded Brussels, eating tapas in the sun, drinking coffee in the park, and walking ‘till our feet felt numb.
In one hour the humming background noise will be back, and my neighbour is already preparing its' return by doing some drilling works in his apartment at this very moment!

Before I end this posting, one more thing I promised to write : P called me numerous times this weekend, he’s the most wonderful boyfriend in the world, and I love him very very much. There :-) !

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