Friday, September 21, 2007

Earth calling planet Insead

Hello? Anybody out there?
Off course international calls are expensive (especially when you no longer have any income), and no doubt that between partying, socialising, studying, attending classes, and managing your own laundry and other household chores etc,..not much free time really remains free.
Nevertheless, I would really appreciate it if P would be using some communication lines between France and Belgium more intensively.
- Emails consist of 10 words max. (are they having some course about efficient communication style at the moment?), and are only sent "in reply of".
-The only text message I received on my mobile this week was "you have a blog!" (ok, thanks for informing me)
- No phone calls from Barbizon, although I called numerous times. But each time "inconveniently" : P was in library, P was driving through the dark woods at night, P was just going for a swim, P was in class and could not answer, P had to study before class started, P was still sleeping after the party last night, etc.

So here I am, stuck with my romantic vision of a long distance relationship : frequent phonecalls to keep eachother updated, filled with very sweet things you say to eachother, love letters in your (e)mailbox, textmessages saying how much you miss eachother, etc. Just...not...happening.

And I'm not the only one complaining! Oh no! I'm getting full support on this one from my mother-in-law, who's also desperate for some more news from the Fonty-Front. So P, since you've discovered my blog, and since you'll be reading this (hey, where did you find the time?!), could you please remember that I love you very much, and consequently want to know what's happening in your life :-)

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