Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today, a letter arrived for me at my parents'.
Dear N,
It has been 10 years since you graduated bla bla bla....
Hellooooow? What the f***? 10 years? Wow, I was not ready for this one. Ok, High School is 10 years or so ago, but my so called "higher education" as well?? Apparently...(I admit I'm not good with numbers)

So I can picture this reunion very well:
- everybody is still enjoying his/her teaching job ('cause we all graduated as high school teachers)
- they're all married
- they all got kids
- they all got their nice little suburbian house somewhere in the belgian countryside (probably built it themselves, as belgian tradition requires).

No offense.
Only I'm * a little* behind on the schedule...
- Instead of teaching, I continued studying for 4 more years
- I also continued my quest for the perfect boyfriend (quest succesfully completed 6 years ago!). But instead of marriage, there have been separate apartments, and now even separate countries :-)
- no kid in sight, although we enjoyed the company of two great hamsters in the past (Thanks Fritz and Clio, still missing you!)
- no suburbian house, but a rented 50m² apartment in the city (hey, and one in Barbizon off course!)

- not teaching, but HR consulting.

So....should I stay or should I this reunion?
I really don't know. Last year I had a reunion of my primary school (!), and that was great fun. People were single, divorced, unemployed, etc, and I just felt absolutely wonderfull for weeks after :-).
Maybe I'll go to see my old professors. At least they will have gotten all old and wrinkly :-)

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