Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Handling HR & going ga-ga

Here I am, 20.00 pm, still at work.
I did four role-play assessments, and interviewed 5 candidates in one day. (Besides that, 3 employees called me to announce that they will be leaving the company, and I tried to find some holes in our CCO’s agenda to plan his interviews) People who know anything about HR, will now think I'm superwoman:-). No shiny red catsuit, unfortunately.
Yesterday was about the same, and I ended up on my couch, calling my fysio for an emergency-appointment because of complete back+neck lock-down. No..more...movement. Just pain. And a headache. At that moment P called me to tell me I had to go out more often, meet up with friends and not just stay in my apartment. BAD timing!!!!

Wait, it's not that I do anything physical with all my candidates that causes this pain - although I must admit it feels as if I lifted every one of them several times. But as the umptied unsatisfying answer comes along, I just feel all those muscles going "AARRRRGGHHH"!
You can't imagine what an HR consultant has to suffer.
An example.
ME (at the end of the interview) : "Do you have any more questions?"
SHE : "Uuhmm, yes,….so for what function was this interview...?"
We completely ignore here that we had been talking about *this function* for almost an hour, asking her how she sees the jobcontent, what would be the challenge for her, what key-competences you would need, etc.

And as if I hadn’t suffered enough “Human resources – agony”, P called me in between two assessments to announce he just met his career counselor, who gave him the advice “to explore all options, and to ask himself if he really wants to stay in consulting and why”. Just…what…I…needed. Here I was up until now, desperately holding on to this one security in our overturned lives : P is going back to CCC (as in Cool Consulting Company :-).
And in comes the guy with the HR bla-bla!
Well, I guess it takes one to know one….

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