Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How a bad day finally came to an end

It’s almost an hour past midnight – and I’m just very glad this day is over and done with. Like I already said in the previous posting : it was my last day at work before my 7-month leave of absence – in itself weird enough.
And let me tell you this : it doesn’t get any better when
1) your boss forgets it’s your last day
2) everybody is too busy working to have a glass of the expensive champagne you bought especially for the occasion
3) one of the two friends who was supposed to take you out for dinner after work gets carjacked on her way to the restaurant, and you have to wait for the police to arrive in one of Brussels’ « neighbourhoods to avoid when possible, especially after dark »
Me and the remaining friend tried to make the best out of what was left of the evening (after our toes and fingers were frozen of, because we had to wait, walking around in sub-zero degrees, until there was a table free for us).
After all, I was very happy to have a nice dinner with K – I’m relieved E made it safely back home – and I’m just going to bed now. End of the day. Finally.

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