Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jingle all the way!

Here we are again, it’s that time of the year in which
- It’s my birthday
- The entire family goes to the Ardennes to meet, greet and eat wild boars
- P is off to Mexico to celebrate with his family
- My stomach goes on strike because of all the mistreatments
- My hands are covered with red spots due to pine-needle allergy
- Each morning I open the curtains to see it has still not snowed
- I try to think of something special to do for New Year’s Eve, but we’ll once again end up watching the traditional fireworks in Brussels (which I very much enjoy, by the way!)

Melancholy is looming around the corner, and the fact that I’m moving in exactly one week, is not making things easier (mental note : never move again during the Christmas’ Season !). So the habitual reflex comes up : shop ! Alas…there are the 7 months without an income to think of…depriving me of my escape route into consumerism. I have enough to keep me busy though…
I should start packing all my stuff for France….but I just keep on postponing it (hell, I still have to unpack from the Ardennes). Nightmares about being shipped to France in a container (on a stormy sea) are not exactly improving my motivation (nor is the one about flying to France in an Airbus that keeps on crashing).
So « bar » shopping, « bar » packing,….. Nothing left to do but get into a cleaning frenzy ! I’ve thrown out 2 garbage bags full of stuff, and this finally gave me the closet space I desperately needed for the contents of my « office-box ».
Next to the cleaning frenzy, there’s the cooking frenzy ! I’ve made a small mountain of muffins for my birthday ; next came several oven dishes, experiments with soups, soufflés, etc. Cakes and pies are still on the to-do list.
So for now, in the middle of these « changing times », these are my few certainties
1) my apartment will be clean when I move out
2) I’ll need to lose some pounds :-) !

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