Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last day at work

Here it is, it has finally arrived : my last day at work!
This morning I felt strangely like on a first schoolday : nervous, not knowing what to expect. And I still feel that way. Strangely stressed out. Lunch was limited to one forced slice of bread, and my last cookie out of the candy machine just didn’t taste as good as it should. On top of this, people are still not officially informed about my leave of absence – and I don’t think this will happen anytime today.

Meanwhile, P is celebrating the end of P2 in Fonty. And I feel lonely as hell (even more so since it seems almost nobody can attend my birthday party on Thursday). I would do anything to be there with him right now.

One little light on the horizon : two friends who have shared work, pleasure and sorrow with me, both inside and outside the company, have planned to take me out to dinner right after work. Thank God for them. And bring on the champagne!!!

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