Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Winter Ball

Picture a castle in the French countryside, surrounded by a golf court. From outside, you see the orange glow of the candle light. You step inside, and are surrounded by a few hundred people in their finest tuxedo/ball gown. Welcome at the INSEAD Winter Ball !
It was like a fairy tale…and I was very glad to be there.

But like in every fairy tale, there were a few « cruelties »
-The tickets cost a small fortune. Luckily, we got sponsored, but I heard so many people who were not going just because of the price. And this just feels wrong. Everybody should be able to go to the Ball…I hope the organization of the Summer Ball will keep this in mind.
- It was the weekend before the start of the P2 exams ! As a result, glances at the clock were frequent, and a lot of people (including ourselves), went home just a little after the horses turned into pumpkins again.
- It was the last party for the Dec’07 class, and most of them somehow don’t feel ready to face the real world again, outside the INSEAD bubble. For them it’s almost « Once upon a time, I did an MBA… ».

While writing this, I’m already back in Brussels, and my gown is packed up for dry cleaning. This means my last weekend trip to Fonty is officially over ! And my own stay within The Bubble is about to begin…

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