Saturday, December 29, 2007

Small but significant

Ok, so I already have a box filled with medicine, a box filled with books and DVD’s, and a box filled with kitchen stuff. Yep, that’s right : I've finally started packing (or I’m at least trying to !). My legs feel shaky while doing so, and I try to ignore the emotional turmoil going one somewhere in the hidden depths of my brain – but …I’m proud of the three boxes that are ready to go !
I’m still postponing the most hellish part of the entire move : clothes and shoes. And I know, thank you P, that that sounds « blond » - but girls will be girls. Especially when going to Paris, where everybody looks as if they just had an entire fashion-make over ! Come on, I can’t go to La Sorbonne twice a week wearing the same clothes !
But I’ll stop on the subject now, before P asks me to get a new, darker, haircolour.

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