Monday, December 17, 2007

Mom going wireless

If there’s anyone preparing for my six-month stay in France, it’s my mom.

1)« I want a webcam ! »
This came about a few months ago – I didn’t even realize my mom (turning 60 in a few months) knew what a webcam was ! So I got her a webcam. But that was just the beginning of it….
2) « I want a laptop »
Ohhh-kaaayy. So suddenly my old desktop wasn’t good enough anymore. Nope, she wanted to walk around the house with here computer. Install herself to chat with me in the garden, in the kitchen, where ever….
Of course, this led to
3) « I want wireless internet ! »
She assumed she could just log on to some wireless network (like I do in Brussels) – only forgetting that she lives in the countryside, not surrounded by invisible networks, but by cows and trees.

So as of tomorrow, with the help of some IT-minded friends, my mom will be completely wireless, walking around with her laptop, connecting to France from everywhere in the house + garden, being able to see me, sitting in front of my own laptop.
On top of this, she just proudly announced that she got a special deal with the telephone company : she can call to France for free from now on, each day, after 17.00PM.

Hmmm..... moving to France was supposed to *increase* my independence...
But ...I'm happy as hell I'll be able to talk with her for free, chat while seeing her and my parental house (and the cats!) in the background :-)!

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