Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old friends and new friends

One very good friend sat until closing time at the Pizza Hut with me, several months ago.
Thanks to her, I was able to make the decision to go to France with P.
Another friend made a comment on how wives are always “following” their husbands. Thanks to her, I realized I was doing no such thing – but that I had made this decision in all freedom and as a conscious choice for what I want in my own life.
An old friend told me yesterday how he was proud of me, for taking such a decision. And I finally felt relieved, realizing now that people understood this has not been easy.
Alumni friends expressed their jealousy last week, envying the break I’m taking, the world of opportunities and new experiences I’m about to step into. Thanks to them, I can only smile and be even more determined to indeed enjoy every single minute of it!
Friends at work are always asking me how my weekend in France has been. By letting me talk about it, France has already become a little part of me.
Some new, possible friends, are asking me when I’ll finally be in Fontainebleau, wanting to get to know me better. Without realizing it, they make me feel very welcome.
My friend since birth, my mom, is doing her very best to be happy for me, joining me in my enthusiasm. While I know this is very difficult for her. She is trying to make this as easy as possible for me – and I thank her for her unconditional support, in whatever I do in life.
My friend-in-law, P’s mom, is thanking me for the good care and love I give to her son. Thanks to her, the past months were less lonely and P felt closer, even when he was 400 km away.

OK, sorry for getting swept away by the Christmas’ spirit and for getting more emotional than necessary. What I just wanted to say : thanks all you guys, for denying me a single evening to myself these days, for encouraging my caffeine-addiction to stay awake, for causing a small financial crisis due to all the restaurant visits, and for making sure I’m not in bed before 2.00 AM on week nights :-) !

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