Sunday, February 15, 2009

My funny Valentine

I got a nice breakfast, a night out to the movies, a romantic dinner, and a classical music concert. What more could a girl want :-)?
Ok, I ironed all his shirts this weekend, gave a Valentine’s card, an I-tunes gift voucher, a “you’re sweet”-inscribed piece of chocolate, and more fluffy – cute things I won’t reveal here – so I guess the mutual efforts were in balance.

Next on my Valentine’s list : a really lovely e-card from my friend C – who is Americanized enough to stubbornly stick to the fact that Valentine is not just for lovers, but also for friends.

And last on the list : a email saying “happy Valentine” in the subject from my ex-employer. No joke, I promise. Let me explain : all the employees have a kind of benefits card, which gives you discounts on all sort of things. Apparently, they didn’t close my account yet, so I still receive the benefits, and the emails – including the one with all the Valentine-actions. While I’m basically at full open war with them right now, they irony of the email wasn’t completely lost on me.

So I’m loved by P, by my friends, and even by the company that fired me. How lovely can life be :-)

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stallie said...

Ja en ik ga dit dus blijven doen! Valentijn is voor iedereen die je graag ziet. Wij zien je heel graag.