Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweet sleep

I really don’t know what hit me, but ever since last week Thursday, I feel I could sleep and sleep and sleep. Maybe I’m making up for all the sleepless nights from the past months. Maybe it’s the stress and tension from my job for the past years that is finally leaving me. Whatever it is, it’s nice to sleep again (I almost forgot how it felt). However, seeing my days cut in half each time is less funny. When I get up around noon, I feel a bit torn in two. One part of me thinking : god, I’m really turning into a lazy, unemployed looser. The other part arguing : hey, after all I’ve been through, I deserve some extra sleep and rest. Nothing wrong with it!
Whatever part of the argument wins that day, I always try to compensate my lazy mornings with over-active afternoons : cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, ironing, going to the gym, etc – fighting of the urge to take a little siesta.
I’ll give it another week without alarm clock to see what happens. For now, I just enjoy those warm sheets way too much to force myself to get up.

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