Friday, February 13, 2009

(Un)human resources

You sometimes wonder why people choose a certain profession, or why they do certain studies. Let’s take my former boss, HR director of a large company. He studied psychology, and later choose HR as his career path. Yet, I’ve never encountered a person who is so uninterested in people as he is. To give just one small example : he never ever asked me how my mom was.
Yesterday, thank god, was the very last time I had to face him. We tried one last time to sort things out without going to court – but he decided to just be rude, stubborn, and unwilling to compromise. The girl from the union who was with me, said she never saw anyone behaving so disrespectful and arrogant.
So much for the *human* in human resources.

I tried to stay brave through it all – controlling all emotions. But tears came anyway (luckily after I had left his office). I came home, feeling more tired than ever. Today, I slept until 2.00 pm, feeling drained of all energy. Finally, I managed to kick myself out of bed, went to the gym and ran for about an hour.

It’s over, I still can’t believe it. I never have to go there again. Whether I win or loose this case, it really doesn’t matter. Finally being able to stand up for myself and my rights is the greatest victory of all.

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