Monday, February 23, 2009

Secret single behaviour

Living on your own for more than five years can lead to certain habits that are not necessarily appreciated by whomever you end up sharing a roof with.
This was made clear once again to me just a few moments ago. I took the Tupperware with leftover-cake from the fridge, and sat happily eating it, straight from the box. Afterwards, I put the box back in the fridge – only to find P staring at me, beaming “you have done IT again”. So yes, I confess : sometimes I drink straight from the bottle (but only the little ones, that I finish myself anyway), and I eat things straight out of the Tupperware, box, whatever. Is it really that bad?
The only one I share these things with, is P – and he’s acting like I’m some stranger with at least five contaminating diseases. I would never do it with food or drinks that I know I’ll be serving to guests (well, ok, maybe my parents don’t count as real guests)
P’s slightly “under-the-belt” argument was that this kind of behaviour is “setting the wrong example for a kid”. Ok, point granted. But we don’t have one, do we? And Phoebe the hamster can’t make it on her own to the fridge.
I could continue writing now about all P’s nasty habits – but I’ll rest my case. And only drink from the bottle when he’s not home ;-)


The Duchess said...

Hi - you posted on my old blog the other day so I didn't see your comment until today. Check out the new site , and I'm so glad I found your comment because your blog is fabulous! How is Brussels? I have so many visions of Dr. Evil/Mike Myers coming to mind I can't stand it. I would love to hear more from you, really enjoy your blog! :)


Ben Delahaye said...

Dear N.
I talked to P to make sure this would not happen again.