Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things you can do in 1 week

Buy a new car and start a lawsuit against your ex-employer.

Mind you, it’s not the smartest idea.
And I am talking from experience right now.
The car means going to different banks to get different offers for a loan, and going to different insurance companies to get the cheapest insurance. It means going back to the garage once you actually have the loan to pay the car. Next, drive to the place smack in the centre of town to get your licence plates. And then, finally, go and pick up your car (tomorrow!!!).
The lawsuit means re-actualizing all your forgotten knowledge on social legislation, calling and emailing endlessly with the guys from the union, and get your membership of the foresaid union back in order (if you want them to pay for the whole lawsuit, that is). And, oh yes : confronting your ex-boss to tell him you’re no longer taking all his sh**, and that your lawyer will get in touch with him (actually looking forward to that part).

So, in all, I will be very happy when this week is over. I’ll have gained my freedom back, I’ll have my very own car, and I’ll have stood up for my rights.
And… uhm, yes,… I’ll be able to sleep, eat and breathe again….

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