Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blame it on spring

I came across a website this weekend called “Grace in small things”. It’s a social online network with the following challenge : list five positive things every day. Right. Don’t worry, this blog will not turn into sugar-coated look-how-beautiful-life-is version of things. But spring is undeniably in the air, so I’ve decided to give it a go, just for once.

Here are the five highlights of Saturday, the 28th of February
1. The beautiful bunch of white and raspberry-red tulips I bought for myself
2. The delicious pasta dish I cooked, followed by my home made tiramisu. I can cook, it has been proven once again (sorry for bragging)
3. The new shoes I was wearing for the first time : looking really nice, and comfy!
4. The nice, personal reply I got on an email I sent to a writer whose book I really liked
5. (think-think-think)….Relaxing & reading on the couch in the afternoon, resisting the urge to get in a cleaning frenzy ‘cause we were going to have visitors.

OK, I’m on a roll!
Let’s continue with today:
1. the sun is shining
2. I went to the park this morning, and spring flowers are all over the place. So beautiful!
3. I got really nice comments on my blog (what better way to start the day?)
4. The house looks clean, even if we had a dinner party last night
5. P and I have the rest of the day to ourselves, and will go out soon for a walk and some coffee.

There, I’ve done it! Now I can go on complaining again without feeling guilty about it ;-)

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