Monday, March 30, 2009

Loving Lucy

Time to introduce someone new: please give a warm welcome to LUCY! P and I adopted Lucy a week ago, on the 22nd of March. She’s a white dwarf hamster, more sophisticatedly called a “Pearl”. And she was by far the smallest hamster we had ever seen. So that’s why I decided to wait a little bit before announcing her arrival in our household. I was just afraid that she wouldn’t make it, or that something would go wrong. She would hide away in her igloo every time she caught a glance of someone nearing her cage, and it took her half a week to figure out how her running wheel works.
But P and I didn’t give up – we continued the “we give you food-training” which made her overcome her initial shyness. By now, she’s also running nightly marathons in her little wheel, and she likes to explore our hands, arms, sweaters, etc. She seems to be cute and cheeky at the same time, and I wonder what she’ll become when she grows up (a doctor? a lawyer? a consultant? Phoebe already did an MBA, and sorry – we can’t afford to sponsor a second one).
Anyway: after barely one week, Lucy has conquered our hearts – and my laptop, as she likes to run over my keyboard….Maybe she wants to be a writer?

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