Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready for India

- get a tan, including getting sunbed on head : done
- walk through the pouring rain for 4 hours, in search of the perfect wedding gift : done
- enter the Cool Consulting Company to get P’s Indian outfit at the reception desk : done
- spend half a fortune on my Indian outfit : done
- go to the pharmacy to get a load of “just-in-case”-medicine : done
- upload the iPod, the camera, and the cell phone : done
- wait at the embassy for a total of three hours to get the visa : done
- get legs waxed, including getting overheated wax on thighs : done
- sit still for one hour until nail polish has finally dried : done
- pack way too much for just 3-4 days : done
- buy energy bars to survive this trip : done

So ladies & gentlemen, seems like I’m ready for our marathon-weekend in India! We’re leaving tomorrow morning, to Mumbai, followed by a flight to Udaipur. Next : two days of partying in Udaipur. Sunday : flying back to Mumbai for another part of the wedding, and on Sunday night : back to Brussels. I’ll better go buy some more energy bars…

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