Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old habits

With P out of the country, I find myself effortlessly slipping back into “bachelorette-behaviour”.

I eat standing in the kitchen (I hate sitting alone at the table), while reading or surfing on the net. No cooking whatsoever is done. I scrunch breakfast cereals straight out of the box while watching tv. I leave my shoes trailing around, all through the house. The bathroom is looking rather messy (my weak point, on which I work very hard when P’s home). I only drink Coke. I call my mom several times a day. I forget to do some decent grocery shopping (as there’s no cooking going on…). My clothes are simply everywhere. I don't miss a single episode of my favourite soap.I read for far too long after going to bed. I walk around the house after my morning shower (not dressed yet), still not used to the fact that in a city people can actually see you. I check at least three times if the door is locked before going to bed. And yes, occasionally, I dance in the living room.

And that’s why, on most Thursdays or Fridays, you’ll find me in a cleaning frenzy, with the bathroom on top of my list, rushing to the supermarket, putting my clothes and shoes back where they belong, doing all the laundry and the ironing,…In short: preparing myself to get back into “living-together-mode” for the weekend. Including not drinking out of the bottles in the fridge ;-).

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