Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Indian fortune teller

Ah...You are Queen of Hearts! You want people to be happy. If people are happy, you are happy. You have very, very big heart
You’ll live very long life. Until 94. You are travelling, so you are in very good health. Travelling at 94 – very long life madam. You will also be very very rich. You have rich life. You give money to charity.
You have very good husband
Me : I’m not married
Ah, but you will have very good husband. You want to be married?
Me: yes, soon.
How old you now?
Me: 32
You will be married at 33. You will have verrry good husband. Very very good marriage
You are in jewelry (me: no), business (me:no), arts (me: not really), IT (me: no)?
Than what you do?
Me: I’m in HR
Ah, you see: Queen of hearts, big heart, work with people
Any more questions madam?
Me: will I have children?
Ah, cannot tell you, you are not married
Me: Pleaaaase tell me, I will be married soon
Turn hand. You’ll be pregnant 2 times. First time: one child. Second time : twins. No doubt. You will have twins. Total of three children.
More questions madam?
Me: no, that’s all. Thank you very much

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