Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The last couple of weeks I felt so happy most of the time it was getting a bit scary. I wondered : who is this perky, upbeat person who has taken possession of my body? Rain, sunshine, P home, P abroad,…: I always managed a smile. Until today. I can safely say I really feel like sh** . And where else to spill it all out than here on my blog?

I woke up with a smashing headache. Next I got aware of the fact that every single muscle in my body hurt like hell – no doubt due to my motivation outburst in the gym yesterday. And to complete the list: my stomach has been acting really weird for the last three day (and this even *before* going to India). So after crawling out of bed this morning, looking every bit like a 90-year old – and yet another rush to the bathroom, I was not really looking on the bright side of life. Sure enough, my mailbox offered me once again an overload of baby-news, and before I knew it, tears were making a mess of my keyboard.
I managed to get through the rest of the day, dealing with practical stuff such as packing for the trip. Right now I’m just waiting for P to come home, walking aimlessly round the apartment, feeling like a 2 year old who urgently needs a feeding and a nap. And a big hug.

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