Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taking a UFO to heaven

It was a beautiful sunny morning: clear blue sky, dotted with a few white fluffy clouds. Birds were singing, saying “hello” to spring, while we were saying “goodbye” to Phoebe The Hamster. P and I were there for her until the very end. She went peacefully, and is now resting under a rose bush in the garden.
I’m happy she had such a fun little life, and grateful for all the laughs she gave us. If we were sad, or having a fight, Phoebe was always there to distract us.
She was really tiny – but the emptiness she leaves behind is big.

The picture you see here is my absolute favourite one. She was sitting in a blue plastic bowl, in the empty bath tub in Barbizon. While I was cleaning her cage, P was once again taking tons of pictures of her. This one made us laugh out loud, as it seems if she's flying a UFO. Together with the post I wrote almost a year ago Fabulous Phoebe, I think it's the perfect tribute to her. I’m glad she doesn’t have to suffer anymore, and I hope she’s running one of her marathons in a hamster wheel right now, somewhere in hamster heaven.

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