Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Occupational therapy

I just finished packing my bags for Paris after two hectic days of occupational therapy – I had to keep my mind of my mom’s first scan after the chemo. Yesterday I had planned a creative workshop for her and me, and we ended up being very very proud of our spring-flower creation. Today I cleaned the house from floor to ceiling, I did all the washing and ironing, I dropped my laptop once, and my cell phone three times. By five PM the long awaited phone call came : everything was ok, no cancer cells to be seen on the scan. Pfew…At least I got a very clean house and a beautiful centre piece on my table out of it…

Anyway, I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and will be back on Sunday evening.
On the programme:
Reunion with lots of INSEAD friends
Lots of partying
Lots of shopping
Lots of Andy Warhol-art (in the Grand Palais)
And without a doubt : lots of eating (and uhm, yes…some drinking maybe as well)

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