Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sometimes I just don’t realize how old I am. I guess I’m just one of these women who will always be a girl. “So?” you might think “No problem in feeling young.” Well no, and yes. The thing is my girlishness also applies to clothes, shoes, jewellery,...Leading to conversations I need to have with myself from time to time, like today.

In a shoe store in Brussels:
Me girl: Woah – cool sneakers, need to try them on
Me woman: Are you sure?
Me girl: yeah there the coolest, and look – yipie, they have my size!
Me woman: Ok, recap: how old are we again?
Me girl: Oh fuck, right, thirty-something
Me woman: So?
Me girl: Ok, Ok I got it, no more pink Hello Kitty sneakers for me, I wont buy them….

Next: jewellery store:
Me girl: Oh! I ab-so-lute-ly love this ring
Me woman: Come on….
Me girl: I know what you’re going to say..Thirty bla-bla-bla, well I don’t give a damn! I like the ring, it costs next to nothing, and it’s mine. It makes me happy just looking at it.
Me woman: I rest my case….

So that’s how I ended up buying a cup cake-shaped ring today. No need to comment.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I have the same 'issues' when I go shopping. And your ring is too cute!

N said...

Thanks :-)