Friday, April 3, 2009

Beavis & Butthead

Remember those two MTV-characters? Well, they’ve grown up a little bit (they’re now at university), and…they live on the same block as we do. Their roof-terrace and ours are facing each other, only theirs is higher up, and surrounded by a disintegrating bamboo fence. They use it mainly to put junk on, such as traffic signs, extra chairs, empty beer crates etc. Right, a nice sight from our living room.
Now that the sun is out, they actually use their terrace to sit upon. And, day after day, they bring along their little radio, playing hard rock music for the entire neighbourhood. I was getting slightly fed up with this, as you can well imagine. I already tried to have a “music-battle”, by bringing out my radio as well, and turning up the volume even louder as theirs. But this made me go crazy – not them; they enjoy noise.
So today I decided to just ask them nicely to turn down the volume. My relief – and the silence- were big as, for the first day in an entire week, they didn’t seem to be home. I could even hear the birds singing, and the bumble bees buzzing.
However: around 3 PM I saw them arrive. I even spotted two guitars – which made me fear the worst. A few minutes later… I couldn’t believe my ears. Beautiful French chansons were being played, and the guys can really sing! I had to resist the urge to clap and yell “I want more – I want more – I want more”. They continued playing for an hour or so, even doing some fun stuff like Tree Hugger, to which I happily sang along…. Everybody now:

* * *

And by trying to post the lyrics to this nice sing-along song in a different letter-size, I managed to change the complete outlook of my blog, causing a small panic-attack. Every single word I had ever written, was - until five minutes ago - in unreadable tiny letters - making my blog look like a page from a dictionary! I removed the post, and luckily, everything now looks again like it is supposed to look. Damn Blogger.

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