Monday, April 20, 2009

It's on Facebook!

And that means I can finally write about it on my blog as well.
On Sunday, the 5th of April, P asked me to marry him. I told it to a few close friends, who all had the same reaction: “wow, that’s wonderful! And UNBELIEVABLE!” Yes, I know, it is unbelievable, even to me still. I really want to believe it’s for real this time, but the smallest hint of doubt or hesitance I feel, causes panic attacks and floods of tears.
Anyway, the week after we told our parents during the Easter brunch, who obviously were all very happy. I assumed once the parents were told, the rest of the world would follow, but no. P wanted to keep it to ourselves (panic attack nr1). 2 weeks after his proposal, even his best friend doesn’t know. After I begged him to tell someone to show me he was real about it all, he called his brother (who obviously already knew). And today, out of the blue, he puts it on Facebook. Try to understand the man – I’m about to give up.

So, yes, just to confirm it once more (esp. to myself): we’re getting married. Somewhere in this, or the next lifetime.

Me: what kind of wedding do you want?
P : I still have to think about it.
Me : Do you want to get married for the church as well?
P : I have to think about that
Me: when do you want to get married? Shouldn’t we pick a date as soon as possible?
P: Let’s just wait, we still have to think about everything
Me: what sort of party do you want?
P: I don’t know, I still have to think about that.
Me: do you want the help of a wedding organizer?
P: good idea, let’s think about it.
Me: when do I get my engagement ring?
P: Let’s just wait – we still have to do all the research
Me: When/how are we finally going to tell everybody?
P: I still have to think about that

Well, not anymore. The word is out!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I have been following your blog for a few weeks, and am really happy for you :-)

IMD 2010

stallie said...

How happy I am that the truth is finally out! En dat meen ik, omdat ik weet dat het zeker en vast een wereld van verschil maakt voor heel wat mensen. Dus geniet van het 'verloofde' leven. Zeker en vast to be continued .....

res i(p)sa said...

Wonderful! I was hoping that was the big secret!!! So happy for you both, don't worry about the boy not being so forthcoming with the planning, either he'll come around or you'll just plan for him and he'll be perfectly happy! (sorry P, I know you're my friend too, just helping out with la paix des ménages...!)

Anonymous said...